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Would you tell your spouse about your past?


Women getting plastic surgery is nothing new…but do you tell your spouse? A man named Jian Feng, was stunned when his baby came out looking nothing like the gorgeous wife he’d married because his wife, unbeknownst to him, had had $100,000

 worth of plastic surgery before they met. Well, he wasn’t too happy so he reportedly divorced his wife and then sued her. He won. Not only that, he won $120,000. Would you tell your spouse that you had previous plastic surgery? Weight loss? Braces? Discuss. 😉
Mars I like cats. As a matter of fact I have 3, and I did almost buy a dress that had small sitting cats all over it. It was a lovely print, but the Now Family said that I would officially be the crazy cat lady so I plan to make my dress debut in 2014. I read a study once that says that children on average laugh three to four hundred times per day where as adults only 15 times per day. Which is why I will continue to dance on speakers in night clubs...everyone else seems to find that funny. I also like wine.