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The internet loves badass granny


I don’t think it’s legal to adopt grandmas, but if it were, I’d want Baddie Winkle to join my family. She’s 86 years young, a great-grandmother, and one badass bitch. She only surfaced on the social media scene in the beginning of April, but it’s evident by her thousands of Twitter and Instagram followers that she’s allowed to be late to the party, because she IS the party.

Some fun stats on Baddie:

  • She loves Ellen DeGeneresBeyonceJustin Bieber (which I don’t get), and Blake Shelton to name a few.
  • Her 7 grandchildren helped create her social accounts.
  • Her bucket list includes skydiving with her granddaughter Kennedy, buying a new Nissan, and fostering world peace.

Here’s just some of her awesomeness in action: