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Single mom skips tip



A photo of a receipt allegedly left by a single mother at a restaurant has gone viral after it was originally posted on Reddit. The bill shows a charge for a $138.35 meal with no additional tip. Instead, there’s a note that reads “single mom sorry” — implying that whoever signed the bill doesn’t have enough money because it is expensive to raise kids alone. Well people are freaking out…saying it’s an outrage. What do you think? 😉 mars

Mars I like cats. As a matter of fact I have 3, and I did almost buy a dress that had small sitting cats all over it. It was a lovely print, but the Now Family said that I would officially be the crazy cat lady so I plan to make my dress debut in 2014. I read a study once that says that children on average laugh three to four hundred times per day where as adults only 15 times per day. Which is why I will continue to dance on speakers in night clubs...everyone else seems to find that funny. I also like wine.