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Review of DANGEROUS Japanese Fanny Flambeaux doll.

Here’s A review of the Fanny Flambeaux doll done by some creepy dude with a ZZ Top beard.

Not really surprising as you’ll see in the video. Since I’ve now been asked several times if it’s a real product I have to confess that the product in the video was actually made from a few different items all sourced from Poundland. The good news is that if you are a big boy or girl (18 or older) you can own an actual Poundland Fanny Flambeaux doll by making it from the following Poundland items:- You do this ENTIRELY at your own risk. Doll may explode in flames. (Yay!) A “Dress to impress” doll, Birthday cake “ice fountains” to insert up the dolls (widened) botty, A barbecue style gas lighter to light it with, A pack of 6″ by 4″ photo paper to make a new label and glossy instruction guide.