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Parks Canada’s Wolverine video


Here’s the breakdown and lyrics for the video!

A research camera in Banff National Park captures some unexpected behaviour from the elusive Wolverine.

Wolverines are elusive and hard to study, but we know that they need plenty of space to survive. They avoid areas of human disturbance. Despite their reputation for being fierce, wolverines have proven to be attentive parents and have even been observed at play, sliding down snowy slopes just for the fun of it! Our mountain national parks are an important refuge for this fascinating creature.

Steve Jarand – lyrics, vocals, looped beats

Wolverine, wolverine little and lean
Wolverine, I’m a killing machine
Wolverine, wolverine solitary unseen
Keepin’ it real but never keepin’ it clean

Resembling a bear in a short stocky frame
Although you might not care
I’m gonna tell you all the same
Frost free fur, stripes down the back
Spray like a skunk
When threatened with attack

Beady black eyes, powerful jaws
Muscular thighs, razor-sharp claws
Paws so wide, I can walk upon the snow
And those who tried to spy me
Likely only saw my ghost


I scavenge on a moose
And gorge on his remains
Or drop a caribou, on the northern plains
Did you listen to the shriek
He descended into darkness
See the glisten of my teeth
As I defend the carcass

When lookin’ for a mate
I’d hoof a hundred clicks
If my babe and me relate
We’ll make a couple kits
By the second summer, kits are all grown
No more hunting with your mama
Got to strike out on your own


Gulo gulo, that’s Latin for “Glutton”
That’s my name
Or “Carcajou”, “Quickhatch”, “Skunk Bear”
Claim to fame
But there’s another beast, man
Who puts it all to shame
Consuming and abusing
Like it’s all a big game

So what’s it really mean to be a wolverine?
A sexy superhero
Or a college football team?
No nothing half that superficial
More like twice as free
I’ll show you how much fun I’m havin’
Simply bein’ me


You’ll find me in the north
All around the Polar Regions
In Canada of course
Russia, Norway, Finland, Sweden
I represent the world
Ambassadorial-ah weasel
Avoiding all the places
Where you’re drillin’ gas and diesel

I used to roam the land
As the weasel king
Now you own my habitat
I’m not the one who stinks
I went deep into the woods
To find some peace and quiet
You say that I’m no good
Yeah, well you’re a riot


Keepin’ it real and seekin’ out peace
Put aside your pride and listen up please
A proposal to the people from the weasel