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Find out your baby’s sex


I like to live by the motto: “To each they’re own”, but the parent blogs are exploding with a new argument…Should parents find out their baby’s sex? The points on each side are pretty convincing…I don’t get why we are judging people who do one or the other, and for the record I would totally find out. Did you find out or keep it a surprise? đŸ˜‰ mars

Mars I like cats. As a matter of fact I have 3, and I did almost buy a dress that had small sitting cats all over it. It was a lovely print, but the Now Family said that I would officially be the crazy cat lady so I plan to make my dress debut in 2014. I read a study once that says that children on average laugh three to four hundred times per day where as adults only 15 times per day. Which is why I will continue to dance on speakers in night clubs...everyone else seems to find that funny. I also like wine.