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Elevator Slams Into Ceiling


CCTV footage posted to YouTube, captures José Vergara Acevedo, 31, entering the lift in an unidentified building in Santiago last Friday evening.

At first the doors close but then they reopen as the elevator starts hurtling upwards at high-speed, causing Mr Acevedo to frantically press buttons on the control panel.

The final frame shows the surveillance camera being smashed into pieces as the lift comes to an abrupt halt.

It is estimated the lift reached speeds of up to 80kmh.

The Chilean newspaper, El Mercurio, reports that Mr Acevedo suffered head and leg injuries and was immediately rushed to hospital after being rescued by firefighters.

An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the elevator malfunction.

According to Chilean news sources, the elevator was inside a building that was finished eight months ago near Bustamante Park in Providencia.

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