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Some video highlights of the Crash & Mars Show


What would you do in this situation besides crap your pants!!

A guy in White Plains, New York crashed into a gas station pump last Tuesday, after he went into diabetic shock and passed out. And the entire PUMP went up in flames.

Luckily an off-duty cop named John Vescio was pumping gas, and pulled him from his car . . . while the pump was still burning right next to them. Then John ran back and grabbed a bunch of live AMMUNITION from his trunk before HIS car went up in flames.


This is a pretty cool video! Grade 4 teacher Mark Ivancic was interviewed by Global TV and said “Number one: we wanted to demonstrate what our school environment was like, Number two: we wanted to show, when you work together, how powerful a message it can send to others.”


What’s worse than one ghost chili pepper? How about 1,000 ghost chili peppers!

During a recent event organized by Chili Klaus in Copenhagen, 1,000 people ate the bhut jolokia, one of the hottest chili peppers in the world. In what’s known as the ghost pepper challenge, the daring volunteers each devoured one of the extremely hot chilies and attempted to keep the pepper down.

I would never ever consider eating even one of these.