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Some video highlights of the Crash & Mars Show


This is 19 year old Sara, watch her belt out everything from rap to opera in her bathroom, because let’s face it, the acoustics are better in there. Not that she needs it…but this is really cool!


This boxer couldn’t wait another minute for her owner. Fern the boxer was upset at Graham Haddow (her owner) for taking too long in an art gallery in Dundee, Scotland. So the 18-month-old pup did what she thought was best: She laid on the horn for 15 minutes. So people took photos and videos…and it’s hilarious! Enjoy!


Check out this fun video that takes you on a visual tour of the typical breakfasts of countries around the world. Which country’s morning meal looked best to you? Egypt, Morocco, Iran, and Sweden all had me drooling profusely. What do you eat for breakfast?


Comedian and former taxi driver Jimmy Failla posted a video on YouTube entitled “Snakes in a Cab,” in which he surprised riders with a yellow python in the backseat of “his” taxi. The shocked fares went on expletive-laden rants in which they showed their terror. The stunt was to promote his book Follow That Car.