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Some video highlights of the Crash & Mars Show

A mama bear astonished a professional storm hunter who happened to spot the animal and her cub on a busy highway in British Columbia’s Kootenay National Park this weekend.

Props to Ricky Forbes, who lives in Alberta and chases tornadoes for a living, for stopping to get a shot of the baby bear!

Roger Triantafilo’s four-year-old son was riding his bicycle outside their home in Bakersfield, Calif., when he was attacked by a neighbour’s dog.

Seconds later, the Triantafilo family’s heroic feline rushes to the rescue, slamming into the canine and chasing it away. Triantafilo uploaded footage of the rescue, shot on surveillance cameras, to YouTube on Wednesday.

The boy was taken to a hospital and received 10 stitches, according to local media reports.

Has your animal saved your life?


Three young children were injured Monday in an upstate New York town, after the inflatable bouncy castle they were playing in caught a gust of wind and flew into the air, violently throwing the kids to the ground.

Two boys aged five and six suffered serious injuries, while a 10-year-old girl suffered minor scrapes after being thrown from the inflatable toy in the village of South Glen Falls

Here’s a messed up video!

Why? Because what you are hearing are the sounds of parrots, and not a couple of women who are overly excited about trash.

The birds’ eerie ability to perfectly mimic the sounds of laughing ladies will either impress you, or make you really really uncomfortable. Either way, it’s pretty fascinating, and they deserve some credit for being their weird little birdie selves.

The video was posted in 2007, but has recently resurfaced on the Internet and has since garnered thousands of views.