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Some video highlights of the Crash & Mars Show

A video of some tourists who rented a castle in France has gone viral.  They’re walking on the grounds and waving at an overhead drone and one woman is totally hamming it up.  She’s sticking out her tongue and walking backwards until she falls into a fountain and gets soaked.  Then she trips again getting OUT.

A Kentucky driver pulled over to capture video of a highly unusual sight — a car using a furniture-moving dolly in the place of a missing wheel.

Nicholas Carrillo captured video Sunday of a car traveling down a Pikeville road with one of its rear-tires missing and a furniture-moving dolly in its place.

An ambulance follows closely behind the damaged vehicle.

“Only in Pike County,” Carrillo deadpans in the video.

The scalpel-wielding skin-popper is back with another video that is guaranteed to make your stomach churn.  Her latest video, released on Sunday, showed a massive cyst in the center of a man’s forehead that mirrors a bump-like unicorn horn.  Using her tools, it took Dr Lee around 20 minutes to expunge the cyst of all its liquid and sew the man’s forehead back up to look more normal.