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Some video highlights of the Crash & Mars Show


According to Variety, the official “Fifty Shades Freed” trailer and poster have been released online with the promise of plenty of steamy scenes, underlined by the single-entendre tagline “Don’t Miss the Climax.”

Universal Studios dropped the material Monday for the final installment in the “Fifty Shades” movie trilogy, based on E.L. James’ novel series and due in theaters on Feb. 9 — five days before Valentine’s Day. The footage starts with Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Ana (Dakota Johnson) taking their relationship to a new level by formally becoming husband and wife.


It can be tough to sell a used car, especially one that’s 20 years old.
So Max Lanman, put all his skills to use to help sell his fiancee’s 1996 Honda Accord coupe.
The end result is incredible, and now people are bidding over $20,000 for a car the couple thought they would sell for about $500

In an attempt to ‘shock’ drivers into paying attention, Iceland is trying out 3D crosswalks, and they. look. awesome.
What do you think, would this fool you?