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Our favourite BodyBreak duo are back, and you’ve never seen them like this 🙂
They’re here to tell us about the Santa Clarita diet on Netflix. Now, I’m not usually one for fad diets, but if it’s good enough for Hal and Joanne…

There’s a 28-year-old guy in southern California named Anthony Armer.  He’s gotten pretty popular on YouTube for posting videos where he trespasses at hotels . . . jumps off the roof . . . and lands in their pool.

He wears a GoPro, and the videos are pretty nuts.  But he misjudged one of his jumps last week . . . clipped the SIDE of the pool . . . and shattered both of his FEET.

The video he posted shows it from three different angles.  Then there’s a pretty gruesome shot of his feet at the end.

Now they’re both in casts . . . he needs at least two more surgeries . . . and he’s asking people to help pay his medical bills.

He started a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe.com with a goal of $112,000.  But as of last check he’d only raised about two grand.

Winnebago County Animal Services put out this heart-warming video of a man and his dog being reunited after spending 2 years apart.
You have never seen a dog this happy:) When he realizes it’s his long lost owner who he’s smelling, he goes crazy in the most adorable way ever.