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An Atlanta commuter bus ruins a painstaking livestream of the demolition of the iconic Georgia Dome, by making a stop at exactly the wrong moment. A crowd of onlookers can be seen lined up to watch the demolition, as a voice slowly counts down. Seconds after the first plume of smoke appears, a large bus slowly enters the frame.
The people filming were not happy 🙂

Telus World Of Science launched a weather balloon and the footage it captured was pretty cool!

Here’s some quick numbers about their balloon –
– Highest velocity was immediately after burst at 46.789 m/s
– Lowest onboard temperature in the box was –6.8 degrees celsius
– Duration until burst was 2 hours and 52 minutes
– Most satellites connected at one time was 13


If you’ve ever thought about using a laptop lock, this video may help convince you.
Because she had a lock on her laptop, this woman was able to keep it after a thief ran into the pub and tried to snatch it from her.