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A guy on “The Price Is Right” might have made one of the worst bids in the show’s HISTORY recently. It was during the early round where four people bid on something small. Then the closest bidder goes up on stage.

And the item they were bidding on was a hammock that ended up being worth $880.  Watch and see what his bid was!

On Friday, a guy named Mark Donnelly sang “O Canada” before a Penticton VEES Hockey Game in BC.   I guess he thought he would change up the way he sung the anthem, so he skated around singing it and didn’t realize there was a red carpet laid out on the ice . . . and TRIPPED on it.

Props to him though,  he doesn’t skip a beat and he keeps singing.

You Tube star ANDREW HUANG has a new video!! And in his newest video, he plays the song “99 Red Balloons” on ACTUAL red balloons.

He did it by hitting, rubbing, or popping them to make drum sounds. Then he did the melody by letting air out and making them squeak.

I can only make fart sounds on balloons…

Mike Tyson is currently in Toronto to stump for Rob Ford for mayor. While appearing on local news station CP24 yesterday, he was asked whether his endorsement could actually hurt Ford’s campaign, considering he’s a convicted rapist. It’s a legitimate question, but Tyson was having none of it.

Best line of the video…. “Thank you for coming.” “F*ck you.”

Here’s a new link of the video… Click Here


To celebrate the official release of “Anaconda,” Nicki Minaj just debuted a snippet from the disastrous single’s video on her Instagram.

The short clip opens up with Nicki (and her sisters in the name of twerk) looking all I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR in the middle of a jungle before breaking out in a** shaking.

Here’s the question for you ladies, how is this possible??? How can your behind move like that??