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Close calls in traffic and on the road

In an attempt to ‘shock’ drivers into paying attention, Iceland is trying out 3D crosswalks, and they. look. awesome.
What do you think, would this fool you?

This angry Aussie got honked at, and decided he wanted to do something about it. Problem is, he forgot to put his car in park BEFORE getting out to yell at the driver behind him…and ended up running himself over.

Can’t believe people were mad at this guy for the way he drives đŸ™‚

A Kentucky driver pulled over to capture video of a highly unusual sight — a car using a furniture-moving dolly in the place of a missing wheel.

Nicholas Carrillo captured video Sunday of a car traveling down a Pikeville road with one of its rear-tires missing and a furniture-moving dolly in its place.

An ambulance follows closely behind the damaged vehicle.

“Only in Pike County,” Carrillo deadpans in the video.