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Buy it, then return it?


The other day I bought a purse that was marked down at Winners. It’s really nice…a London Fog and a good price!! When I got home, I began moving the contents from my old purse into my new one and low and behold, I opened the interior pocket and found…tampons and maxi pads!! Haha! Obviously someone had used the purse for an evening and returned it, have you ever bought and returned after using it for one night? šŸ˜‰ mars

Mars I like cats. As a matter of fact I have 3, and I did almost buy a dress that had small sitting cats all over it. It was a lovely print, but the Now Family said that I would officially be the crazy cat lady so I plan to make my dress debut in 2014. I read a study once that says that children on average laugh three to four hundred times per day where as adults only 15 times per day. Which is why I will continue to dance on speakers in night clubs...everyone else seems to find that funny. I also like wine.